The OHUMM brand and charismatic Hummingbird logo is inspired by a Hummingbird parable originated in the Quechaun people of South America. The main character in this parable is a Hummingbird that takes action to put out a fierce fire that rages through her forest home. As the symbol of wisdom and courage, the Hummingbird demonstrates that action is better than inaction.

Inspired by this parable and the underlying philosophy of preserving the worlds scarce and precious resources we donate 5% of our profit to charity.
The Hummingbird is also famous as a fine taster of beautiful flowers, capturing the attention we paid to fine taste when designing the OHUMM taste and brand. OHUMM has become popular as the ” Oh U Missed Me” drink, composing the brand name OHUMM.

Lets enjoy OHUMM and the world responsibly as one big family.